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  • Can my partner / husband / wife / companion / family stay with me while I am in treatment?

    Yes. We invite family members in to be part of the process. They will have the opportunity to join groups which are information-rich and are an experiential way of exploring family dynamics.

  • What is a multidisciplinary team (MDT) and treatment/care plan?

    Your treatment/care plan sets out how your treatment/care needs will be met and the expected outcomes. You will be fully involved in your treatment and care decisions.

  • What type of therapy do you specialise in?
    Our team of qualified doctors, nurses, counsellors and psychotherapists offer a range of bespoke therapies to help each patient begin their recovery. We tailor our treatment to your individual needs.
  • Will I have to attend group therapy?

    For some conditions, we will recommend certain psychological therapies which may take the form of group sessions. Group therapy is a great way to share your problems and get emotional support from other group members as well as a professional. You will always be included in decisions made about your treatment.

  • Do you provide evidence-based practice?

    Yes, all our treatment and therapies are based on strong evidence and the latest research.

  • Can you respond to my cultural needs?

    Yes. Please discuss any needs you have prior to treatment; we are dedicated to putting your feelings and concerns first. Having an initial assessment means we can make your journey as comfortable as possible and it is a time where you can ask as many questions as you feel you need to.