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Priory Wellbeing Centre Dubai is home to a diverse team of professionals who possess extensive expertise in treating a wide range of mental health conditions. Our clinicians are dedicated to providing high quality treatment to every one of our patients and offering hope and reassurance to all those who seek help with us. We are committed to placing patients at the heart of the treatment journey, ensuring that you are allocated to the most appropriate specialist for your needs and benefit from a truly bespoke treatment programme. This tailored approach enables us to guarantee the most positive outcomes for you as an individual.

Our team of psychologists and psychiatrists in Dubai understand that seeking help for your mental health concerns can be daunting. Our patients can be reassured that all of our Priory Wellbeing Centre Dubai clinicians are highly qualified, possess extensive clinical experience and work with compassion, empathy and discretion.

Our specialist multidisciplinary team is comprised of highly skilled psychiatrists and psychologists, some of whom have published recognised papers in their field. In addition to their exceptional psychiatric and psychological qualifications, the majority of our team members are also bilingual, being able to speak both Arabic and English.

Priory Wellbeing Centre Dubai’s psychiatrists and counsellors are able to provide:

  • Initial in-depth assessments
  • Consultations
  • Comprehensive, tailored treatment
  • Follow-up care

We also ensure that our dedicated psychiatrists and psychologists in Dubai engage in continuous professional development, in order to guarantee that their practice adheres to robust guidelines and is guided by the latest thinking in mental health.

Find out more about our psychiatrists in Dubai below:


Quality of service

“Over the years we have had many patients who come to our facilities in the UK from GCC countries and it is now high time we bring our quality of service to the UAE”

Dr Saeed Islam, Priory's Middle East Medical Director