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Call in confidence
General (+971) 4 245 3800

Treatments at the Priory Wellbeing Centre Dubai

Every year our private mental health and behavioural services support people in the UK who are experiencing a wide range of mental health difficulties and conditions, helping them to get their lives back on track through treatment appropriate to them.

Our Wellbeing Centres provide care and support across the full range of mental health diagnoses, which includes:

We are dedicated to putting your feelings and concerns first. Having an initial assessment means we can identify your needs and point you in the direction of the most appropriate treatment for your condition. It is a time where you can ask as many questions as you feel you need to and we aim to make your journey as comfortable as possible.

If you are looking for support or treatment, The Priory Wellbeing Centre can help. Our team of qualified doctors, nurses, therapists and psychotherapists offer a range of bespoke therapies to help each client begin their recovery.  Call today to book an appointment on: (+971) 4 245 3800 or click here to submit an enquiry.


Pride in our service

“We take great pride in delivering a very high class service and this is something we would like to replicate given our experiences and name in the UK. I am excited by the opportunity of being able to help patients and families to achieve a much better quality of life.”

Dr Saeed Islam, Priory's Middle East Medical Director